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Originally Posted by Jayhawk500 View Post

Gary, Maggie and Tim,

If I would have know the situations I would have takin' more time with this young man. I know some family things are private and shouldn't be broadcast worldwide. But as God as my witness, I promise that if I get back up to Buckley next year, and Tim if your still with us, both you and your son will get a ride in Bumblebee. But, if the inevitable happens, Maggie, Please bring this young man and I'll make sure he gets his ride anyways. I feel this is the absolute least I can do.


May all of our prayers be answered that the doctors find out whats wrong with you. Your a good dad, I saw this first hand! May God Bless You and your Family and watch over you!

This is not just a car, "It's a Camaro!"

Chris, you were the first person I thought of when Tim told me they were coming and I knew that you'd take good care of them.
I felt so bad that you were just setting up when I brought them to you, but I knew it would be my only moment to introduce you.
Thank you for taking such good care of my buddies!

Fingers are crossed that we can put Tim and Jr in the car with you.

Thank you all for your understanding and compassion. Tim and I have been friends for a long time. We used to work together in the same plant and it hasn't been the same since he transferred to another. Tim always made my day, making me laugh and always making me smile, so I'm glad that I got to return the favor.

Our lives have changed since we brought our "friend" home. Dragonfly has taken us to places we have never been, met people that we would have never have met, made friendships that will last a lifetime. Every day I look at that car and give thanks for the joy he has given us and others. Every day, our Camaro makes me smile. Everyday our Camaro makes someone smile and that to me, is priceless.
Good friends don't let you do stupid things.....alone.....
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