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Any time man . I've been good, just working a lot and still trying to have time for different hobbies that I enjoy. A cost effective, yet good turbo boost controller is the AEM Tru-Boost. The gauge can be placed in any pillar you'd like and it's small thankfully. However, the most reliable way of producing the boost you want is to change out the wastegate springs to the boost yiu desire and make sure the car is tuned for it. You won't even be messing around with the boost controller when you get it I bet. Some people think they are going to get crazy and have different maps to switch to, etc. I highly doubt it unless you have the car at the races all the time and have different tunes saved on handheld and then you can change the boost on a boost controller, but that usually just isn't going to happen. I literally got my boost controller because I trust the electronic ones more than manual controllers, and because the gauge also acts as a boost gauge to visually see what it is (which you also won't look at ever because you need to stare at the road). Haha

I wouldn't spend more money than you have to. If you are happy with the way the car feels now, leave it alone, and spend the money elswhere on the car. You'll look back and appreciate the savings.
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