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Originally Posted by Nitroman28 View Post
Wanting to see if I can get some alignment specs for my setup.

Wife DD's the car and I Drag Race it on the weekends (No fast corners for this car). Started having wheel hope so I changed out some of the Rear parts.

Cars around 600rwhp A6

BMR Lower control arms (They are shorter then the factory arms)
BMR Adjustable toe rods
BMR Adjustable trailing arms/bushings
Eibach Pro-Kit #38144.140 springs

DD on 22's
Race on Weld 5x17/10x17

Don't mind a little extra wear on the rear tires.

Thanks for any help with this..
Get the rear camber to 0, or maybe +0.1 if you can get the camber moved that much with those arms.

Set the rear toe to +.20 to start with, you might need to play with the toe a bit to get it right, but i'd start there.

Originally Posted by 1LeSS View Post
I have a 1LE that gets driven on the hwy ALOT. I had the dlr check the alignment and reset it at 1500km and then I noticed the inside of both right tires were missing at 15000km! The dlr took the car back, has replaced the right side tires and is redoing the alignment again.

I don't want to lower the car but want to improve the handling of it. My concern right now is before I change anything under it I need to know this alignment works. Is there a better alignment spec for a 1LE than what GM suggests?

Im thinking that because of the softer tires, the "perfect" alignment is more crucial.
Do I stick with what the dlr does or should I suggest a little refinement and if so what should it be.

After we get it right, then I want to make it stick to the road better. I see the bigger rear sway is suggested but most references I read are about lowering the car.
Good Tire Wear and 1LE are not things that will typically go hand in hand. To get the best handling, you will loose tire wear, and vise versa. It's a trade off.

Do you have a printout of the alignment before and after it was last aligned?
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