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Plans are moving right along....

Got the window tint done last Saturday (7/11/09). Looks good! Extremely happy with how it turned out. Will post pictures once I get the car cleaned up this weekend.

Ordered the personalized plates today - should be on the car in a couple of weeks. Going to pick up the standard plates at the dealership on the way home today.

Cowl hood stripes arrived yesterday from RiderGraphix. He was kind enough to also throw in matching vinyl for the front/rear bowties. Plan on putting those on Saturday morning after I wash the car. Pictures to follow.

Kind of in a quandry about the plans for the Flowmaster HP-2 exhaust set up I wanted to do. I got a response from the VP of R&D at Flowmaster today and he said they had a test v6 in last week but couldn't get the sound they wanted after trying a bunch of mufflers, including the HP-2's. Too much "rap" during hard acceleration. May have to rethink that plan. I'm living with the stock setup for now but even my wife told me it just isn't right for the car ...She said maybe she'll get everyone to pool money together for my birthday/Christmas so I can get the stock exhaust replaced.

Busy weekend planned and I'm hoping it doesn't rain so I can wrap up the current exterior mods before Monday.

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