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Who Is Buying?

Like the title says...who is buying a Z/28?

1. You are serious and stoked, you've already signed a buyers order and placed a deposit. You are locked in. Fess up and be proud.

2. You've got a half-assed handshake deal or word of mouth arrangement with your dealer "buddy" or some kind of otherwise non-written, non-binding "deal" which everyone else knows will end in a post here a year from now about how you "got screwed" because the dealer rep never got you a car, or asked for some crazy mark-up that killed your "deal".

3. Plan to buy but just lazy and/or haven't comprehended there are only going to be 1500 made. So, for example, only half of US dealers would get one car, or only the top 25% of all dealers will get two cars, there are several eye-opening ways to look at it. You'll scramble for an allocation once the order book opens late this year.

4. You hope you can pull off a purchase but only if the stars align and depends a million variables/excuses in regards to the car or in their lives. It is all going to depend on how things are in your world once the allocations are announced.

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