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Originally Posted by matthew9440 View Post
I would first like to address that I did a quick search before posting and I didn't see any back-handed compliment threads. I figured I would start one. Every week at local car shows I run into somebody or hear someone making a back-handed compliment.

One time I am wiping the bugs off the front of my car when a fella walks up to me and says "hey buddy how come you didn't get an old Camaro" I say "because I wanted this Camaro" to which he replies "everybody has one of these Camaro. I must have seen 5 Camaro's that look exactly like yours on the way here today".

Another time I see a kid across a show field point to my car and sprint a good 50 yards across the field with his friends. He comes right up to the front of the car, looks at his friends with disappointment on his face and says "sorry guys...... it's only an SS, my bad."

Had a Corvette elitest come over and ask me about my car. he goes "hey have you ever drove your car back and forth to work". I respond "yeah I drive it whenever I can" he lowers his head into one of this hands wipes his face and says "thats just a god damn shame son.... a god damn shame"

all in all I get this garbage all the time and I was wondering what kind of back-handed compliments any of you guys have heard about your car.
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