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Thanks for the sound clips. Going to do some research on exhaust but the solo sounded great. No DRONE sound is big with me. My son was just as geeked as I was. Had a perfect parking spot where I could watch my 11 yr old play football and I was far enough from the other cars on either side. Then one of the football moms came to me and asked what dealer I got the car from. She said she worked for them and detailed my car. She went over it cause she said they had to buff out some minor scratches. She noticed a very minor one on the bumper they missed. She left a voice mail with my salesman to contact me about getting the bumper buffed out. Small world. She gave me some tips. The rest of the time I played with the MyLink navigation. Plus my son wanted to show it off. I told him no bragging. The town we live by is pretty poor. No fathers in the house hold ect
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