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First dyno runs today at the speed shop to get a baseline prior to the AGP TT Install, which is slated for the end of the month. With only 2,200 miles on it, although I have driven fairly spirited, I had never taken it to red line. I must say it was a little nerve-wracking. I know all of you dyno-veterans out there will scoff, but try to remember your first ever dyno...

The runs were clean but showed some issues on gas quality - we will take one more baseline when I take it in for the install and I will have some premium 92 from Shell rather than the 92 from the station down the street.

The sound was thunderous, and I had a grin so wide I thought my head would topple. Recommend headphones and crank it heheheh.

Next stop...650 RWHP + Cam upgrade...
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