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Originally Posted by bannonm View Post
My shop called Pfadt a few weeks ago because I needed to replace a missing part on my camber plates (long story.) Basically it's the coilover fiasco all over again. They are redesigning the camber plates, so likely you will never see the current ones again. If anyone recalls, it took forever for them to come out with their latest coilover while there was absolutely no production of the previous ones.

Hmm, wonder if they are copying Pedder's design??

If anyone is interested in selling their used camber plates, send me a PM.

Pfadt brought the coilover production in-house actually during the coilover production down-time. That is a major move, from doing partial assemble to now manufacturing ALL of the coilover parts in-house, then assembly, quality control, packaging, etc. just does not happen overnight as backorders keep building unfortunately. They brought this service in-house to control production runs, product quality, and costs among other reasons. I'm not here speaking of Pfadt's business plan, but this was not a fiasco it was down-time as they moved production 100% in-house.

Now as far as the camber plates, like Eric stated, Aaron is intending on putting priority on the camber plates.
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