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Well got on the dyno Saturday, temps were higher than before ( when Trifecta tune was in ) and barometer pretty close, humidty about the same. The printer was not working so no dyno sheet this session, sorry. The top Hp and torque numbers were also most the same, BUT the low and mid-range on the FSP ( Matt ) tuning came on higher and quicker than the Trifecta tune. So the low end torque & horsepower numbers were the differences right now. Remember we were in hotter air too!!! Matt took the time on a Saturday while I was at the dyno to send me updated tunes within a minute or two after I sent him the dyno pull results after each run. Hear what I'm saying about this folks. I'm at another tuning shop and Matt is sending me updated files while I'm strapped on the dyno. Thanks also to Tim @ TandT Performance for letting me sit on your dyno about 1.5 hours total while doing the remote updates with Matt. I'm in Maryland and Matt in Florida so for now this is the best we can do to get done live. So it breaks down max HP = 268.?? TQ = 248.?? So HP was down about 3hp but torque was up at 7 Ft Lbs. A/F was very steady in the 12.5 - 12.9 range. So that's the latests I'll be doing some track runs on Monday Sept 2 at MIR and we will see how it goes. My car is very responsive, gas mileage is still around 27 - 28 MPG when cruising at 65 mph. I am very pleased with the results so far. Remember we are not done yet, great remote tuning takes time and I'm using up a lot of Matt's time.

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