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NOWEEDS! Had my husband take her to a custom exhaust shop to do the install. Didn't want to put it on jackstands or buy/build a ramp. Plus the more I thought about it, I thought what if it just doesn't happen to go like clockwork. What then, stuck in my driveway without the proper tools or parts. Wouldn't you know that's exactly what happened. What should of been less than an hour on the lift turned into three plus hours. They let me go under the lift and mark/tape the cut lines as well as mark the one hole that has to be drilled. They made the first cut and undid the cat clamp, but when they tried to fit the diverter, no go. It was hitting the factory bolt on the trans brace, first picture below. I went and took a look, thought about cutting more of the pipe to move the diverter a little bit more forward or back, and that wasn't going to work either. Then I remembered someone saying that they had to grind down one of the trans brace bolts. So once they did just that it fit like a glove. Passenger side went in perfectly. No problems whatsoever!

They stuffed all the wiring into the hole and tied everything up nice and neat underneath. Then drove home removed the drivers seat, the center console trim and fished out the wires. Pretty much plug and play from there, tapped into the seat harness for power and reinstalled the seat. Pushed the button and heard the actuators open, pressed the close button and heard click, yes I said CLICK, no movement just a Click. Called Steve at Noweeds, who was Outstanding, and he helped me trouble shoot the problem. Put my meter on it and the ground was shorting somewhere. Took about an hour to do all the wiring part, but still had a short somewhere. So the next morning removed the seat again, and sure enough that was it, the seat pinched the ground wire, so I stuffed the wires far away from the mounting brace, reinstalled the seat and pushed the button. Yes sir! All was well! Started her up, Holy Crap is she loud, preset the center button so its just a fraction open, still sounds great but definitely won't get me pulled over by the lawman. Wide open is crazy loud! Fun Fun Fun. And I love that I can just press a button and be right back to the factory sound.

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