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Ladies - Designer handbags

My sweet mother-in-law keeps trying to buy me designer handbags and I love her for it, but the ones she chooses are just not practical for me. And I need practical. Here are 3 she has bought me that have just been sitting around taking up space. I'd much rather have the space back & maybe a few bucks to spend on something else. The first one has never been used at all. I never even took out the stuffing until I took the pics today and it still has the original price tag on it. The other 2 I carried a day or two each before giving up. the red ones are in like-new condition. I thought the brown one was too but the close up pic of hte brand emblem on the front shows a bit of wear I never noticed. That is the only blemish on any of them. I have had them a while so they are definately not the latest models I know. And knowing her, I'm sure she did not buy them until they were on sale. Make me an offer. Here are several pics of each one:
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