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Longtubes, cats
18's on back (I now have them up front)
aftermarket stall converter (I think 9 lbs lighter than stock)
Removed engine cover

I can't remember if I weighed before I swapped out the stock mufflers for the Morosos, but I think the weight difference is over 16 lbs EACH.

I also just swapped on 18's, and they are 11 lbs ligher each.

I'm going to go back and weigh when I have a chance.

I found an example where a guy's L99 was 3860 with 1/2 tank of gas, so 120 lbs out. If you look at Doc's thread you'll see that full exhaust will drop quite a bit of weight.

I think I'll be 3690 based on the mufflers and 18's up front, and I'll take out the junk in the trunk.
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