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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Feels good don't it? To not be surrouned by..."people". (substitute for a nasty word; I am a mod after all )

Let me try to mimmick that second responder but in my thoughts:

I'm F'n glad GM's F'n gonna be putting F'n multiple F'n vehicles together at the same F'n show, because that F'n guarantees we'll F'n be learning F'n EVERYTHING about the F'n car come September!!!! er...F'n!

Originally Posted by MerF View Post
I actually got enthusiastic support from my soon-to-be-wife for me going to this, but only if I fly.

Which is logistically poopy.

So who's going that wants to let me tag-along shotgun? I'll be bringing the D-SLR and snapping uber photos...might even have a laptop by then and I can upload as I go!
I just don't see how I can work it out w/ the wife. She refuses to go which mean the boys don't go either. It'd be just me. I'd rather fly, but REALLY want to take the SS up there. On top of that, Turtle is driving his Camaro up there which means I'd love to get a caravan started. I'd be happy to let you ride shotgun w/ me, but am still like 80% sure I'm not going. Yeah....I'm twisting my arm.....I know... And it'll be freakin expensive too...
Originally Posted by rickb203 View Post
Hi All,

New member here. Any chance we can get a request to the right people? How about they recruit/open the unveiling up to all the 69 pace cars as a reunion? The '69 to '09 forty year story must be on their minds. As a BB 69 pace car owner..I'd be willing to drop some big gas $ to get it there for this event....
I do believe it's open to all pace cars. In fact, I thought there was an emphasis on pace cars....not necessarily just the 1st Gens which is what you might like, but to ALL pace cars.

Oh, and the reason GM doesn't release the SPECS now before the unveil .....ummmm.....duhhhhh......kinda takes some of the fun out of it......duhhhh....George? and maybe gives the competition a lil' edge? duhhhh.....George? Where did you go George, where did you go? When I find you, George, I will hug you and love you and hold you and kiss you and hold you and hug you and.....I will call you George! I'll refrain from going any further, but I think you all get the point.
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