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Originally Posted by Edin View Post
This looks SOO good definitely plan on ordering soon. I have a '13 2Lt, am I still able to choose the mail slot?
Yeah, the mail slot will still be an option. Let me know when you're ready to purchase and I'll set you up.

Originally Posted by db00338 View Post
I ran a test fitment of the bumper against the car. It was extremely hot during the day and the night caught me so I was out working on it in the dark. I will not be getting it painted any time soon, so I will be riding around primered up I guess. Good thing my car is black.

Oh and decals to not adhere to the polyurethane at all.
Looking good! Yeah, there is probably still mold release on the bumper so nothing will stick to it. Clean it off with Ajax and water before you stick anything on or primer it.

Originally Posted by db00338 View Post
I just noticed my toolbox was in the pic. Excuse my toolbox. My girl painted it. I can't wait to test drive this bad boy though
Haha...can we see more pics of the toolbox?
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