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Originally Posted by calebparkin3 View Post
Mid 12's is actually is actually pretty common for a stock 5.0 with a decent driver. Upper 12's to low 13's is more common for poor drivers.

Your 1LE should be mid to upper 12's pretty easily, at least the ones ive ran have been in that time frame. That 60 is killing you
I need to work on that 0-60 and launch, but I don t really wanna burn my rubber/clutch. Next year Ill try with a 18" z06 wheels/ DR setup and Im pretty sure its gonna be wayy better. Too bad there wasnt a 5.0 this day. Im not going to powershift too, I dont wanna destroy my trans. I do care about my car...

My best time was 13.19@109, it does put me pretty high on the fast list while having a terrible 0-60. I really dont like to slip the clutch and "smell the damage" after...
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