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Too Much FUN!!
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What fun my husband Bob & I had today at "our first & won't be the last" DFW Camaro5 gathering!! There were so many BEAUTIFUL Camaros there & what wonderful folks we got to meet! Thanks to everyone for gettting it all organized for us. Can't wait for the next one... even tho I STILL won't have my car.

The very best was saved for last however...I'm sure you've all read the eariler posts about Andy from ADM Performance giving me a ride in his modded 427 - LS7 Camaro.

Well... the title says it all!! Thrill of a lifetime, Andy!! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! Yea...Bob & I talked all the way home about upgrading my order from a V6 to the V8 ... and then having Andy work his magic to make it even more AWESOME!! We will see.... I WANT one for sure!!

Riding with Andy in his Camaro was like riding in a Rocket Ship, but on the ground. I HAVE NEVER been in a car this fast...and there was so much power still left in her. AMAZING!!! My heart was racing (hope I didn't squeal - don't remember) and I KNOW I had a "BIG GRIN" on my face the whole time!! On the way home I called our son & told him all about it. He thought it was cool that his mom could get that excited about riding in a fast car (at her age - not telling btw).

What a great guy my hubby was for asking Andy if he'd take me for a ride... I never would have myself. I don't know how to tell you guys what FUN this was!! I will be grinning about it for a LONG TIME!

THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS A WONDERFUL DAY FOR ME, especially ANDY @ ADM PERFORMANCE!! The V8 is powerful, but let Andy do some work on your Camaro & you won't be dissapointed! A REAL professional. GREAT driver too!!!

Can't wait to see you all again.

I posted my pics in the DFW Group albums.

THANKS again ANDY... you ROCK!!! and so does your Camaro!!
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