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Originally Posted by Oz ZL-1 View Post
Maybe you could rent a manual car of some sort and see how she likes it??
I have the Auto but would have opted for Manual if not for the wife needing to drive.

I've heard the cup holders w/M6 are useless - interferes with shifting (perhaps not w/a 6 oz low profile coffee cup!)

Good Luck Turtle!!
THIS! I will say the cup holders in the manual SUCK lol i dont bother with drinks because no matter how small the cup it gets in the way. and if i give in ill hold the cup the whole time in my left hand and drive n shift with my right (its not hard to do). the point is, cups being in the cup holders do suck for the manual trans camaros. imo they should have made holders behind the arm rest, even my cobalt had that
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