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Originally Posted by BrianGriffin78 View Post
Ok so I have official tried out Zaino Z6 and Turtle Ice Wax which as you know are both detailer sprays for in between washes and rinses and details.

I think both products are really good, but they have their pros and cons. Both of them leave a nice shiney coat on the car and protects against rain.

Zaino leaves a film or I guess a white-ish streak where as Turtle ice wax will leave little fiber hairs that can easily be dusted off. I think Turtle ice wax wins the battle because dust fibers are easier to just dust off. Film and streaks need to be polished again and you risk scratching the car if it's dry and dusty.

Zaino applys easier though but you have to make sure you go back to get the film and streaks. However Zaino leaves a more shiney coat than Turtle wax and it reduces dust build up more than Turtle.

So I am going to use both products still until I see a major difference that will favor one over the other.

You gone and did it now.. It's sacrilege to say ANYTHING bad about a Zaino product here..It gives most of these guys such a hard on I don't even read this section usually, I just know I'll see 1000 recommendations for Zaino. Never used the stuff myself, I like to drive my car rather than spend 6 hours applying stuff to it. Turtle Ice is awesome, inexpensive, and what I personally use. Never a single problem and I have the whole line of products.
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