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Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
"Don't cha love it? Don't cha love it? Oh, yeah, don't cha love it." Those mods really do wake up our babies. Nice write-up!
You would know....

Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
I took Ruby out for a nice ride today. It was hard to hold her back. she did NOT want to go in town speeds of 30-45. When we got out of town I wanted to punch it just a little. When I did.......................HOLY CRAP ! I didn't even have the pedal close to half way down & in a flash she hit almost 6000 rpm so I quickly backed off. I needed to re-learn how to drive her. Ruby & I are both re-learning now. I was very careful with accellerations after that. The engine is sounding better too. I am trying to download a video clip Andy made of how she sounded when we first started her up. She sounded kind of rough then. I'll try to get another clip of her sound when I get enough miles on the new mods for the re-learn. I probably have logged about 40 mi already. I'll post the video whenever it loads (probably middle of the night or in the morning ). Me thinks the drag strip is going to be REALLY fun this weekend!
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