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Originally Posted by ljustin293 View Post
wow..things have really started to move! I really hope it keeps that pace up!!

we actually had 5 show up at the same time this week! all have been delivered now, so we are back to our black 1LT demo car.

Originally Posted by B33-0tch View Post
I see a yellow 2LT Auto that's loaded every single day driving to and from work as I pass Gwinnett Place Ford. :(

There's also a black 2SS MT at Rick Hendrick at MSRP I believe. I look at it sometimes too.

On a side note, my wife thinks I'm obsessed.
Originally Posted by badkarma View Post
yeah, that yellow one has been there at least 3 weeks. I bet they want like 5-10k over.
If that is the same black one I saw there when I canceled my order with them, then it's been there over 3 weeks as well.

I thought he said they wanted 5k over, but don't quote me on that.
maybe it is their demo car and it will is just for reference and not for sale, but yeah if they are trying to sell it and are asking over
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