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Originally Posted by Jayhawk500 View Post
Each and everytime I read this I tear up. I truely hope Tim is finding out what his illness is. Tim Jr needs his dad to be with him next summer when they ride in Bumblebee.
Perhaps I can at last give you the news that you and many others around the world have been wanting to hear.

On Friday, my wife received this message from Tim:

"Today's procedure worked. It was a temporary thing. It will take a few weeks to get it approved, but there is a fix. I will need to have it every few months, forever, but I'll be able to live normally again."

Apparently, the doctors at UW figured out that his problems were being caused by a surgical mesh that was used in a previous hernia operation. The way it was explained to me, nerves had grown into the mesh, and were causing the incredible pain and nausea that was in turn causing his alarming weight loss. Beyond that I know little. It does sound like he still has a lot of challenges to face in his future. But, the point is that now we can rest a little easier knowing that he actually has a future. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and kind words. I know it meant a lot to him, and it reaffirms what I know about all the good folks out there in the Camaro community.

When I originally posted this thread I was hoping against hope that I would one day be able to write a happy ending for it. I'm not sure if this qualifies as happy yet, but I'd definitely call it hopeful; and for right now, that's good enough for me!

So it looks like you're going to have a couple of passengers next year, Jayhawk...

Now that sounds like it will be the perfect happy ending!
It's a Camaro thing...
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