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New Camaro owner

Hello everyone, This is my first post. I've spent a couple years checking the forums religously and finel was able to get one of my own. Just picked up a 14 2ss 1le on sat and absolutely love it. I've gotten so many compliments a people stopping me to ask about it. I put 300 miles on it the first 2 days I've owned it, and unfortunately have come across my first problem. I was cruising on the highway in 6th at 60mph and started to hear a slight bearing noise and thought it was the blower motor making a chirping noise. Listened for a minute then disregarded it as I'm not that picky. A couple minutes later the noise started getting louder and louder until I could hear it over the radio. I got very concerned at this point and have slowed to 55 and now in the right lane listening. The noise then turned into a metal on metal high pitch horrible noise. I pushed the clutch in to coast to a stop on the shoulder but the second I pushed the clutch in the noise went away and now I have a humming noise when the clutch is out all the time. Thinking the throw out bearing failed anyone have any input? I have an appointment to bring it back to the dealer on Thursday and test drive with a tech. Hope it goes well. Still love my car and understand that mechanical things can fail.
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