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Originally Posted by gnturboray View Post
I don't see what the big deal with the GT500!!! It has 15lbs boost out of the box and with a pulley down and tune it will be 18+ lbs of boost. What current performance V8 wont throw down serious HP with that kind of boost. Pump the ZL1 boost from 9lbs to 15lbs and see what happens!!!
And any V8 will make power with that much boost. But how many will be in one piece after?

Need more than just a few pounds of boost to reach that....

with these mods should be close to 13-14 PSI = 588

691 on 14.5 lbs

And I like the ZL1...better all round car than the GT500 for the price you pay. But the OP said he was gonna take out a new GT500 with his mods
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