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Originally Posted by cornerspeed92 View Post
I really need to do this,as i brake late and hard.Man, at Fontana a couple weeks ago i couldn't even hold my lug nuts they were so hot.I wont be able to afford this till after Christmas,but is there an instruction sheet that you can post so i can see if this is even something i can do by myself?
I have the ducted backing plates from Lambert Auto in my shop waiting to install. I don't think instructions were included, but I have already scoped out the installation.
You will need to remove the Caliper and the rotor and remove the 1/2 backing plate mounted on the 1LE spindle. Two bolts on the lower portion of the spindle hold the plate on.
Per GM, the caliper mounting bolts are a one use item and must be replaced, so you will need 4 new caliper mounting bolts. (About $3.50 apiece at my local Chevy dealer) I believe the torque for these is 30 ft-lb + 90 degrees.
Because the 1LE only has a backing plate covering the lower half of the spindle you will also need one 6mm-1.0 X 20mm bolt for each side to bolt the top of the ducted backing plate to the spindle. (Working from memory here but I'm pretty sure that is the size and the correct torque spec for the caliper) The hole is already there and threaded but on the 1LE from the factory it is not used. Once you have the new ducted backing plate bolted on. Reinstall the rotor and the caliper and figure out how to route the duct hose.
I plan on doing this job later this week and will take some photos. I'm scheduled to go back to Watkins Glen for two days the beginning of October and definitely want all my brake upgrades done before then.
Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.
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