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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Congrats! Pretty awesome, shaving 2 seconds off of your average lap and 1.2 seconds off of your record. I like the fact that the springs aren't over the top stiff, lower the CG, and perform very well at the track. I took a look at Fastestlaps for Grattan, your times are impressive!

I did take the plunge on the Pedders Supercar Coilovers, and it looks like the springs you are running performed very well and for a lot less cash. I'll be tracking it at Thunderhill on 9/21-9/22 and will be sure to give my impressions. Unfortunately I just got my lap time software so I'll have track times with the Pedders, but not the baseline with my stock 1LE.

Thanks for the post, love to see these 1LEs driven the way they were intended to. Also neat to hear that Becky's lap times are improving dramatically, must be fun to instruct (although scary at times I'm sure, depending upon the track and student, LOL)
thank you, the Corvette Grand Sport is not a bad bed fellow

And yes, I am very particular about whose car I get in now-a-days.....I have a good friend that was in a students car at Mid-Ohio and took a hard hit to the wall....He had an ambulance ride out of there and has a fused section of his neck as a reminder :(
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