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Originally Posted by Retro69 View Post
Nice write up Chase!

Any chance you could possibly to provide a relative score for each of the recommended upgrades with regard to how much each degrades ride comfort and also how much road/suspension noise in the cabin is increased?
Thanks. I will look at going back and adding more info on that.

Originally Posted by bct10985 View Post
I think some trailing arms, toe rods and cradle bushings are gonna b my next mod.
With the power you are making those would be a game changer. Hit me up if you have any questions.

Originally Posted by thesnoopster View Post
I got trailing arms installed....but the rest are still in the box in the garage....been lazy <---- yes all my fault LOL
Get on it man!

Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
my car has trailing arms and toe rods and the bushings. helped alot. rear c. are next just to make sure and reduce some movement . nice wrightup chase.

Originally Posted by AC View Post
I didn't know about the rear cradle bushings... Good info thanks.
They are critical. Take a look at them and if you have any questions let me know.

Originally Posted by GEEKFREEKSCOTTY View Post
I bought my BMR street bushing kit from Apex!
Thanks for your order.
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