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I might add some tidbits for the 1LE which I suppose might also apply to the ZL1.

I am told the 1LE/ZL1 Toe Rods are good enough and not part of the wheel hop and sidestep problem. They do look a little flimsy to me though.

On the 1LE by just doing the Trailing Arms and the outer TA bushing there is still a little hop but it is a bit more manageable. Side step under power is noticeably improved as well.

So I suppose cradle bushings are next. This is not something I am comfortable doing in my garage, although it is an excellent excuse to buy a home garage lift.

+1 on Apex Chase's warning about solid differential bushings. I did this on my '11 SS and loved the very planted feeling they gave, but was a little annoyed at the extra noise. I was warned however.

So a good plan for a 1LE might be:

Trailing Arm and outer TA bushings
Solid Cradle Bushings
Differential Bushing Inserts. (might as well do this since you are taking big stuff off anyway.)
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