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I drive a 2012SS synergy package. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my AC was working but blowing air that was hotter than the late August Mississippi swamp air outside of the car.

I scheduled an appointment at a local Chevy dealer with a good reputation (bought the car out of state). They kept my car for 2 days and then told me that they had to order a new evaporator core because mine had blown. This was on a Friday.

Picked my car up so it would not be sitting at that dealer all weekend. Finally the following Tuesday they tell me the parts are in and that it should only be a 1-2 day deal.

Fast forward to last Friday afternoon, I call to check on the status of my car and they tell me it has turned into a bigger job than expected. At this point I am still patient figuring it is better to let them do their thing and get it right. I am told it should be done on Monday mid day.

Monday late afternoon rolls around, car is still not ready. They say that my entire dash has to come out but in order to do so, they have to pull my windshield out. O----K..... Impatience and frustration is beginning. As of yesterday my car is still not finished, and it has been with them for an entire week not including the 2 days they took to find the problem or the wait time on parts.

I decided to drop by the dealership just to put my eyes on my car and make sure that it hadn't been totaled or stolen or something else crazy. I get there and walk back to the service area with the service manager. Parts are everywhere. My entire dash is thrown on the side of the work area, glove box thrown to the side, center console is pulled apart, random parts pieces, buttons, clips etc strewn every goddamned where. Parts are stacked nearly to the roof in the back seat. Grease rubbed into the leather of both my front seats, the ****ing steering wheel and a pile of parts is sitting in somebody's tool box, the engine compartment has parts pulled out and sitting all over the place intermixed with tools. Then he tells me "ohh we had a problem with the glass guys damaged your dash board", there are cuts along one corner where whatever tool they were using to pry my windshield out cut into the vinyl. He then also shows me a gubber/foam looking gasket that got ripped pulling the windshield out. I try to keep my cool. I understand they are working on it. They promise it will be put back together right. I took some photos to CYA in case things aren't right.

I get it, it takes alot to get to the evaporator core to change it out. Could you at least not destroy the ****ing care in the process? I work on things, I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. Could you at least have shit laid out where you know in what order it came out of the car?

I just have a feeling that my car which was in pretty much mint shape will never be right. Has anyone had to have their car torn apart this far to fix their AC problem?
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