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2010 Lingenfelter SS
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It all started as lingenfelter

Here is my 2010 1ss lingenfelter camaro. I bought this car about a year ago, previous owner sent the car to Lingenfelter and had there 600hp kit installed, includes maguson supercharger with 6 psi, 391 gear, tune, there cold air intake, along with pedal covers and badge on the outside. So i bought the car from a dealership where he traded it in with 12xxx miles. The dealership put the 22 TSW Nurburgring wheels, they are gunmetal gray with mirror finish wrapped with toyo 265/25/22 in front and 305/25/22 in rear. I feel in love with the car and drove it home. First things i did to it, I blacked out all the lights, added billet grill insert, tinted windsheild and all other glass. Then I had it dynoed it made 501 RWHP 467 ft lbs torque, i ran 12.0 @ 116mph in 1/4 mile with terrible 60 foot of 2.1 (cause of big wheels and little street tires she spun pretty good) I was highly inpressed the car was an easy driver and got 19.5mpg city and 26.5mpgs on highway with the supercharger. (thats better than stock) Ive entered a few car shows and won best camaro, and my car has been used for a few photo shoots, and will soon be in gm high performance magazine.

Mods as of lately, I added full dyna tec exhaust with lg mufflers (sounds amazing, not to loud) added 3.2 pulley to the supercharger (10lbs boost) a boost gauge and wideband gauge on a pillar pod. Then had it tuned and the car made 580rwhp 576lbs torque and still keep my mpg. About a month later we went back and added a 639 lift comp cam, with new spring kit and cam gear. Really sounds amazing now We retuned the car and she now makes 651rwhp and 609lbs torque, I also replaced the chrome tail light bezels with prepainted ones and blacked out the center piece on trunk lid and added the white SS emblem. Went back to the track and ran 7.9 @96 mph in a 1/8 mile with terrible 2.1 60 foot (dang tires) lol. And thats my car as of today many plans coming up so i will update my build page.

update as of 11/18/13
Shortly after my last visit to the track i cracked a piston :( and so the tear down began. Sent the block to the machine shop where they honed the cyclinders and cleared the block for the arp rod bolts. We reused the stock crank and went with eagle rods and manle pistons, all new bearings and arp hardware with new oil pump.
We are installing prc 265cc heads with arp head studs, ls7 lifters, with new gaskets. Also will be installing magnusons overdrive cog drive for that old school whine sound. Also adding carbon catch can as well. Also an aftermarket belt tensioner to reduce any belt slippage. Installing new twin disc clutch. More parts and more info to come shortly.

8/6/14...I have yet again manged to blow it up I've installed many new parts and by the time we got it ready for the dyno and new tune she began smoking severely. So out came the motor and began tear down...again. It's at the machine shop getting checked out and getting new rings, bearings, ect.... I'm selling the magnuson s/c along with most other supporting mods for it. Going with all new setup adding f1a pro charger with 12 rib belt, fast 102 intake with nw throttle body, mantic 9000 clutch, new wheel, and axles. Hopefully will be on the road in just a few more weeks.

2010 1SS Camaro 6speed Lingenfelter
Prc 265cc heads
Ls7 lifters
Forged manle pistons and eagle rods
Act Hd single disc clutch
Magnuson supercharger with od cog (15lbs)
alky methanol dual nozzle kit
LPE cold air intake
Custom tune
Comp blower cam 639 lift
west innovations 8 rib conversion
3.2 pulley in front
JRE super tensioner
Cam gear
kenne bell boost a pump
Id1000 injectors
Dynatec long tubes, xpipe, no cats
391 gears
dss 1 piece aluminum driveshaft
Lakewood full subframe connectors
Pfadt upper and lower control arms
bmr lower control arm
LG mufflers
Lowering springs
22 TSW Nurburgring wheels, gunmetal gray with mirror finish
Toyo 265/30/22 in front
Vredestein 315/30/22 in rear
Carbon fiber catch can
tick performance stainless clutch line with speed bleeder

Stock 1SS package
Hurst short shifter
LPE gunmetal shift knob
Boost gauge
Wideband gauge
Pillar pod
LPE foot pedal covers
Black SS leather seats

zl1 bumper conversion
Copo hood
Billet grill insert
Blacked out tail lights and turn signals
painted cyber gray tail light bezels
Blacked out center trunk lid with SS emblem
Tinted windsheild/windows
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