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Arrow '14 1LE Twin Turbo [COTW 10/14/13]

I have been trying to get this started but keep running out of time. I wanted to have a common place to post instead of having data, info, and pics scattered everywhere. Reckon I will get this started...

MISSION: Secure 1 x 2014 Camaro 2SS RS 1LE and enhance the performance utilizing the latest technology, high quality parts, and support personnel.

END STATE: Have fun driving an American Muscle Car.

Her name is Irene. If you want to know why I named her Irene, watch the movie Blackhawk Down.

Support: ADM Performance
Parts: AGP

I spent several months in the planning process for procurement and spent quite a bit of time talking to the experts and researching. Going fast and taking pride in high performance machines runs deep...I attended my first drag race at 6 weeks old in Bakersfield, CA. My dad and his 2 brothers ran funny cars and top fuel dragsters. My uncle Darrell went on to set many records in the Top Fuel Dragster arena in the Northwest.

Everything just fell into place after talking to Andy at ADM, the car was about to be delivered and the AGP TT kit was available...lets git er dun. My intent is to build a solid street car that I can drive every day and run on the track when able - 1/4 and 1/8 mile. I would like to try a few road tracks as we have a couple here close to the DFW Metro.

Ordered: 06 May 13
Submitted: 06 Jun 13
Built: 16 Jul 13
Delivered: 09 Aug 13
MSRP: $43,500
Miles: 12

First pic getting splitter installed.

Here is a quick drive by and you can hear the Turbos in the shift.

Here is one from inside the cockpit, sounds cool!

Here is a vid with external GoPro

Here is how the car sounds with the Dual Mode-NPP

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