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Fox 26 Houston coverage from Sat 8/14/2013

Seems like there might be some potential conflict of interests due to the same type of business being one mile further down the road owned by the manager of RPR, Seth Angel. They have their permit so why wouldn't HPP be able to get theirs? I would doubt very seriously that HPP will move the location of their pile or change anything to do with their operations. There is no current public incentive for HPP to motivate them to change anything about what they are currently doing or the way they are doing it.

Here is a link to the video of the news information that was on TV last night.

Site article with video

I watched Houston International Raceway which was an NHRA track that was on I45S near the Santa Fe exit disappear and saw the local Eastex Drag Raceway vanish. It does not look good for RPR....I really hope they find a way to co-exist.
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