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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Filled the car up and took it to the truck scale; much to my surprise the weight was more than I thought it would be. I remember last time I had it weighed it was over 30 lbs less than I was expecting so maybe there was a problem with the scale at that time. I've since added a few miscellaneous items; a pound here, a pound or two there, which slowly add up. And even though the new wheels weigh about 32 lbs less than the other ones I had, the vehicle weight is about 40 lbs more than I thought it would be, although at 3,700 lbs it's still good.

So at this point the rwhp is about 20 hp less than I was told I had and the weight is 40 lbs more lol. Ted Jannetty did my latest tune and with the addition of his race scoop he's estimating I'm making 450 rwhp which I'll accept. The dyno run right after the Pfadt headers were installed showed 440 and that was without the scoop and his new tune. This puts my power-to-weight ratio at 8.22-1 which is slightly above my goal of 8-1. I'd have to take another 100 lbs off to hit that which isn't going to happen. The other way to hit it would be to add another 12.5 rwhp which is much more likely.

Right now my immediate goal is to get sway bar end links that don't make noise. The Pfadt end links I have do (which is a known issue with more than a few guys on the forum) and they're supposed to be sending me a new set so we'll see how they do.
Im sure you've considered this, but I would assume those truck scales arent all that accurate to the pound, or even 10 pounds. Personally I would attribute any unexpected weight gain or loss to the scale and try to average out the weights and expected weights. But I guess you need a point to go off of haha. I wonder where you would have to go to get the vehicle weighed exactly, maybe a dump or salvage yard that charges you by the pound for what you bring or take out?

Just a thought.

Great job either way
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