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My Spin on Another Engine Bay Upgrade... (finished)

I started this upgrade awhile back and have been documenting most of it in my build thread, but I thought it was time to create its own thread since it has grown so big. (more detail in build thread)

I don't have a lot of time to spend devote to my Camaro at the moment, but I wanted to start this upgrade for a long time. I had to break it out in phases so that stuff would actually get done and I would have random parts sitting around the garage and me forgetting where they all went...

Phase 1 - Take over garage and build a spray booth
Phase 2 - Install heater hose relocation kit
Phase 3 - Flip fuel rail, set aside to polish, and remove plenum cover
Phase 4 - Paint plenum and fuse box covers
Phase 5 - Remove coils and paint
Phase 6 - Install valve covers with coil relocation kit installed
Phase 7 - Finish wiring harness dress-up, install plenum cover
Phase 8 - Finish fuel rail flip, install hose hiders, relocation evap solenoid

I'm currently sitting right around 6, 7, and 8. About 50% of each step has been completed and hopefully, if everything goes right, the Camaro will be back up and running this weekend!! I'll be sure to post finished pictures.



Phase 1: The lady in my life hated/hates that I stole her spot in the garage, but flowers and candy continues to take care of that .

Phase 2 and 3: These installs were easy as pie. I like pie!!



Phase 4 and 5: The plenum cover is a pain to paint. There was a lot of sanding to get the texture out, but everything came out better than I thought they would.

Phase 6, 7, 8: It is still a mess, everything is starting to come together!!


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