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Originally Posted by silverds View Post
Just today at around lunch time I stopped to fill up. When I pulled in a few guys standing around an old pickup truck at the pump next to me were "wowiing" the car and making positive comments. As they were leaving, an old guy (on a Harley) was walking out of the snack store and asking me if I would take $30K cash for it right there, (I don't think he was offering, just making conversation). I told him more like $60k. He looked befuddled by my response, so i said "you haven't seen one of these before, have you?". He shook his head, so I rattled off some specs and his jaw dropped, like he wasn't sure if i was a nut job or something. I asked him to come take a look and I popped the hood. I rattled off some more specs and when I looked up, there were three other guys walking up saying they had to take a look for themselves. Lots of positive comments and one old guy on a Harley who'll be dreaming about a ZL1 tonight.
Great story! I Have people coming up to me when I stop to get gas alot too. Most have no idea what a ZL1 is. I have had one guy say I have heard of an SS before but not a ZL1. Is the SS better than the ZL1. I of course tell him all the stats including the horsepower and he says Holys--t!
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