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Originally Posted by Normagene View Post
Well I've got about two more months in Massachusetts, and then off to Texas! So I'm actually considering/thinking about maybe Selling my Baby. Once I'm all settled in with a new home, job, and ready for a new toy, who knows, maybe the new Stingray! Not sure what I could get for my ZL1. Got about 60K in her and under 6,000 miles. I know I wouldn't take less than 51K. I've gotta decide??? Not comfortable leaving my husband up here in Mass with the keys, and I don't want to take her to Texas until I'm all settled. My husband will meet up with me in Texas after he sells our house here in Mass, but that probably won't be until next Spring/Summer. He definitely drives way too fast! Then again, selling a car is probably no picnic......

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Oh no! You're getting rid of The Devil's Nightmare?! That has got to be a tough decision, but a new Stingray would be sweet! What part of TX are you moving to? My in-laws are in San Antonio.
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