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That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to write that and remind me about why people may not be all over it. Is there something I could do to make you or another potential buyer more comfortable?

I am a new Camaro owner, long time German car owner: BMW, Porsche, VW guy. That's why the short time on the board. I can give you other boards to check out my history (although they don't use iTrader), or even ebay/paypal history. I have trader feedback on a firearm forum, though My username is chiefsalami everywhere.
Originally Posted by TLSTWIN View Post
Decent pricing, but your time on the board is your biggest hurdle. You have been on the board less than a month, with 8 posts, most of which are in your two threads about selling the wheels.

If you lived closer, I would be interested. There were 2 similar threads I was going to buy tires from new guys, but I wanted to come pick them up and pay when I got there. One was found to be legit, the other backed out of the deal.

I hope you can find a local buyer.

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