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Originally Posted by bigssc View Post
its not like a hard clunk im just describing the sound very terribly lol its more like a swoosh-thud lol very light and only happens when im at very low speeds and than give it gas to speed up and it didnt happen and i never heard it when i had my range v8.
Swoosh thud is a good description.

Its the intake sucking up a bunch of air, then you abruptly letting off the throttle so the pressure changes drastically and has to go somewhere.

The CAI inc cai is a sealed box, so itll make this sound more dramatic than the K&N because of even less of a place for the pressure to go.

I get the exact same noise when shutting my car off, everytime. I dont hear it when im driving really, but I have headers and loud exhaust.

Next time you turn the car off, roll the window down and listen for it, if its the same noise you hear when you drive, then its normal!
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