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Originally Posted by chiefsalami View Post
That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to write that and remind me about why people may not be all over it. Is there something I could do to make you or another potential buyer more comfortable?
Cool, glad you took that the right way.

Maybe there is a person on the board here that is a "regular" that could vouch for you...... maybe have pictures of the new wheels and the old wheels in the same shot to prove you have the wheels off the car and the new ones on the car...... I say that because anyone can take pictures of a car in a parking lot, know what I mean?

I am thinking..... trying to figure out a way that I would be confident in buying these.

How do you plan to package and ship the wheels? These wheels have very thin paint. it could be very likely the paint will get scratched removing the rubber. Tell them to be carefull.
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