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Originally Posted by bigssc View Post
you guys are mistaking the swoosh or rush or air of WOT to what im talking about. im talking about at low speeds like 10 mph and then i accelerate very slowly to lets say 20mph i hear a little weird noise. but we have already established its from my new metal intake and having AFM still on.

i love the sound of the air moving harder because of the intake, but thats not the noise i am speaking of.
Are you sure that what you're hearing isn't the AFM kicking in? It kicks in even at those low speeds...for me, (SS L99) I would hear that "weird sound" of the AFM right after it went to 3rd gear...accelerating slowly...

I am running the stock air intake, so take this for what it's worth...but the AFM kicking in could be described (incorrectly as you acknowledge) as a bit thudish.

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