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Zl1 carbon fiber splitter and side skirts are available!!!

Hey there gang,

We've bulked up our team and have been busy at work developing some new product for those of you with a ZL-1 (or ZL-1 front bumper converted SS/RS)

To celebrate, we're going to make the first five the cheapest you'll ever see them and we're going to offer the front splitter in two different flavors: stock and custom.

The pricing will break down as follows:

Retail price, once initial buy ends:
Custom Splitter: $1999.99
OEM Splitter: $1499.99
OEM Side Skirts: $1499.99

Group Buy: G3 Provides Parts:
Custom Splitter: $1499.99
OEM Splitter: $1249.99
OEM Side Skirts: $1249.99

Group buy, client sends parts:
Custom Splitter: NA
Splitter: $999.99
Side Skirts: $999.99

Buy both Splitter and side skirts together:

Custom with skirts: $2650 (Save an additional $100 with the kit.)
OEM with skirts: $2400 (Save an additional $100 with the kit)

All kits include brand new OEM parts from the dealer.

Buyers list:
  • 1. HawkGirl
  • 2. Joe P
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.

The first is a custom piece designed to be more aggressive than stock. It's got a deeper front plane area with a more aggressive design to set your ZL-1 apart from the crowd, whether it's in a parking lot or at a show.

The second offering is the OEM setup with a carbon splitter and "frame" area. It'll look and fit exactly like OEM, since it's using an OEM base.

Also, the side skirts are available, as well.

These parts are less than 4 week turnaround from the time the order is placed or I'll give it to you for the cost of your deposit (50%)!!!

We're ready to rock and roll, so let's get these out the door!!!

Feel free to email me at with questions or to place an order!!!


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