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Originally Posted by BLACKVORTECHSS View Post
Just ordered this: Holley Hi Ram
Intake will be sanded and painted black with a red logo. And I might keep the stock hood and cut an oval to have the holley intake peek through for fitment.
Have already removed wipers and plastic cowl cover to take a look at what needs to be trimmed. Likely will be able to create a new bracket to maintain the motor assembly to allow for a single drivers wiper (maintain street legal operation) definitely don't want this car to see rain, but laws are laws. On the fence between converting to a cable throttle. It might make it harder to set up WOT box and 2 step. Also collected -10an bungs and bulkheads to weld into the valve covers. Will rout through the strut tower to vented breather/catch cans behind the wheel liners. Not sure if the ls3 valley plate crank vent nipple is large enough, I'll see if anything has to change. The upside is I have about 6 inches of room under the high ram to stash my nice new coil wires and injector harnesses. More to come...


On a side note, the angle that that picture was taken makes the intake look a few feet tall to me lol
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