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ZL1 aggressive alignment with stock suspension?

Weeeeeell I'm definately having a case of the Mondays. Coming back to work from lunch this afternoon, South Houston is having pretty bad rain. A driver nearly ran me off the road, no idea why they swerved but it caused me to kiss the curb and now I'm getting new driver side front and rear wheels It's just some curb rash but very much an eye sore! Maybe I'll use the wheels for drag racing or something, I'm not sure yet.

Anyways the alignment feels slightly off now, so I'm thinking I may take this opportunity to have the ZL1's alignment set a bit more aggressive rather than OEM specs. However all of my suspension is completely stock. Are there any suggested alignment specs for a stock ZL1?

Also I've got a buddy that works at a shop that can do alignments, is there anything special about the ZL1's suspension that would not allow a non GM/Chevy place to be able to align it? Not sure if the magnetic ride may be an issue

P.S. I'm not wanting a super aggressive alignment that is going to absolutely eat my tires away. Just wondering if there is something a little better than OEM.
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