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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
...Sometimes spinning the tire a bit on the rim and rebalancing can help but its odd the problem lasted through so many different sets.

Kind of random but maybe the driveshaft is a bit unbalanced? ....

Thanks for the suggestions. I've spun the tire on the rim 3 different times. I've even spun the wheel on the hub. I know this is a classic symptom of a wheel/tire out-of-balance or out-of-round problem, but it can't be at this point. There's no way I could have a wheel-related problem that causes vibration at the exact same speed on three different wheel/tire packages. That's why I posted here instead of on the wheel forum.

And it's not the drive shaft. The vibration is completely speed dependent, even at different RPMs.

Originally Posted by GearHeadPeter View Post
...It also could be that the tire is out of round as that happened to me a couple of times.

Do you get any shaking in the seat of your pants as that would indicate the rear wheels, driveshaft or a combination of both?

Have you driven someone elses car to see it the shake is there? I have a 2011 with 26K on it and I don't have any shake, but the roads out in Phoenix are smooth as glass.

Good luck with it.
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