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Let me clear a few things up with this thread, the bushings in question and pictured here are our previous designed BMR Suspension outer trailing arm bushings. We have since redesigned the our outer trailing arm bushings to take care of the issues that were happening with the previous designed bushing and so far we have had zero issues and no complaints. The OP called me and told me he was having some movement in the trailing arm where it mounts on the spindle so I looked up his order and saw that he had our earlier outer trailing arm bushings so I told him that I would send him out a set of our newer designed outer trailing arm bushings free of charge. The hat-style bushing we use for our outer trailing arm bushing is used by other companies and has been used for years in the suspension industry so there honestly is nothing wrong with this particular style of bushing. From there the conversation moved from those particular bushings to what grease he previously used on the poly-urethane bushings and the OP was concerned since he didn't use a synthetic based grease so I told him along with the new outer trailing arm bushings I would send him new replacement bushings for the trailing arms and toe rods just to insure everything was in good working order. As long as the OP uses a synthetic based grease he shouldn't have any further issues with any of his BMR products.

Now installing the zerk fitting in the spindle is a very good idea, you just have to make sure it is located properly so that when you insert grease through it the grease makes it to the grease flutes in the bushing that direct and hold the grease in place to keep the inner sleeve lubed. Just to clear up some information or better yet misinformation here, if you do get some grease on the outer body of the bushing it isn't a big deal whatsoever because it is impossible for there to be any kind of lateral movement because the bushings is captured be the trailing arms. Here is a picture to explain this and show how there can be no lateral movement in this mounting point.

I am not going by any means going to sit up here and say that myself or BMR is perfect but what I can tell is that we do everything within our power to make things right if there is an issue. If anyone ever has an issue with any of their BMR products just get with me and I will make sure we get you taken care of.
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