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Originally Posted by EarlyApex View Post
Can you explain your comment on "timing the bushings". Maybe show pictures?
A rubber bushing with a bonded steel ferule does not rotate when the control arm articulates. It twists. When a vehicle is on a lift and the wheels hanging down, that is the furthest downward motion possible. If you tighten the suspension bolts in that position when the vehicle is set on the ground the bushing will be twisted, under load, and want to 'spring back to the full droop position. When the suspension is compressed further traversing a bump in the road the resistance in that bushing increases and then wants to 'spring' back down past the at rest ride height and to full droop.

In short, there is more bushing resistance in the compression of the suspension and less resistance on the rebound. I'll do a video over the next couple of days with a control arm in a vice.
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