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Originally Posted by 10 2SS/RS 6M View Post
Thanks BMR suspension for sending me the new bushings at no charge as I already mentioned, and the new style knuckle bushings, as you can see there installed in the pictures.
I'm still having problems with my rear alignment- toe keeps changing, I'm going to check everything else in the rear suspension real good AGAIN, then align it, then see what happens.
But I am going to replace ALL the bushing front and rear and solid cradle bushings in the near future when I buy the Hammerhead differential. Like I said, I wasn't down grading your products, and to replace them at no charge shows BMR suspension cares about there products, yes it was my fault for not using the correct grease, that ruined the toe link bushings, so that's why I said I appreciate your help. I'll keep informed on how I make out and what the problem is.
Did you replace the toe rod bushings with new ones we sent out to you? If not I would do that because the old poly-urethane bushings are compromised due to the incorrect grease being used. If you have already replaced the toe rod bushings with the new ones I sent out to you than there has to be something else going on.

I know you weren't down grading us or our products at all I just wanted to clarify a few points that were brought up in the thread so the whole picture was shown to people viewing it. Keep me informed of what you come up with and I will help you out in any way we can.
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