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Originally Posted by driser View Post

Yea I can put up with the noise, but it is the dust on the new Forgelines (polished) that I can't handle. They cleaned up easy (thanks to Adams), but even short drives end up with too much dust.
Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
Yup, the dust is the other issue....I make sure my Forgeline's have a good layer of wax on them at all times....then just blow them off with air compressor.
Switching back and forth between an aggressive track pad and street pad really isn't and issue other than noise. The higher the brake pad operating temperature, the more aggressive the pad is a good rule of thumb. Your track pads are leaving that much residue, because the dust on the wheel is mostly from the rotor . Run Cobalt Friction XR1 in front and XR 2 or 3 in the rear and I can assure you your rotors will get 'turned' and be ready for your street pad. Of course you'll be going through rotors more frequently, but you will stop.

Brake dust is mostly iron rotor dust. It turn to a rust / concrete when it gets wet if you don't wash them immediately. You can't use wheel cleaner because they all dull the finish. The brake dust scratches when you touch it so a clean bucket of water loaded with car wash soap and a clean wash mitt for each wheel is standard operating procedure. With a Forgeline polished wheel a Powerball, cordless drill, Billet polish and Never Dull wadding are your best friend, but you already knew that

I love the look too and know your pain first hand.
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