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Originally Posted by ZombieEatsYou View Post
VR V6 w/rally stripes spotted outside Andrews AFB.
I may have seen that one too! Black stripes, right?

I saw a Yellow one on I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) up around Towson not far from the I-83 interchange.

I drove by a black one that was waiting to cross DE-273 somewhere between US Rt 1 and North Dupont Hwy, not too far from New Castle County Airport. I honked several times, but I think the driver just thought I was crazy since I was driving my work truck...and not my '93 Z28!

I had a conversation with someone who happened to be parked in the mall lot with their brand new SIM Camaro SS they had just bought (as in about three hours prior) while I was on lunch from my part time job at Eastpoint Mall/Dundalk Area.

At a car dealer somewhere in southern MD I saw a IOM and a SIM.

I'm a truck driver for a living where I drive mainly MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, and NJ routes on the I-95 corridor 80% of the time. Because of that I've seen an IOM going down the NJ Turnpike at least twice now and a quick glimpse of what looked like a Camaro in IBM, but it was going the opposite direction so fast I'm not sure if it was in fact a Camaro. So if you're driving a Camaro and a big red box truck honks at you, it's probably me!
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