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Originally Posted by garfin View Post
The biggest surprise for me this weekend was the V6 car! It totally blew me away! I think people are gonna just flip when they find out the content of this car, and of course, the performance!! A beautifully balanced machine that is simply amazingÖ this car, in my opinion, will set a new benchmark for entry level cars in this segment. Iím not a V6 person, yet I was truly flabbergasted! GM is gonna sell a whole whack of these cars and that bodes well for the success of this Camaro since as we are all aware that its success is dependent upon the success of the V6. GM has made sure that there are no doubts about achieving this goal!
I've got a question that you might be able to answer...

You, and several others (including Scott) have all said how amazing the V6 cars is. Is the performance flabbergasting just because [you can't believe] it's coming out of a V6? Or is it really that fast?
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